Martial Arts Training Center


Current Instructors

Looking for space?

The Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo has a spacious hall with dressing room and facilities and that is available for hourly rental. Perfect for martial arts classes, group activities, seminars etc.

Get in Shape
the Fun Way!

Instead of using the same old boring machines found in gyms everywhere, come to the Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo and work out with a wide array of exciting training equipment such as olympic rings, large punching/kicking bags, climbing rope and much more!

Savage Self Defense

Do you lack self confidence? Are you at a loss to find a real martial art that is effective on the street? Do you want to train in friendly and professional classes? Then look no further and join us at the Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo!

Learn Traditional
and Improvised Weapons

Improve your self defense training immensely by learning how to use staves, bladed weapons, nunchaku, and many others, as well as how to make them exceptionally useful as every-day defensive tools!

Become an Unstoppable
Fighting Machine

By taking advantage our unique training regimen and practicing full contact sparring with us, you will build an extremely conditioned physique with massively powerful strikes and agile movements.